ECO-Culture Agro-Industrial Holding is a strong showcase for efficiency and progress. Our sustainable and intensive efforts significantly contributed to the breakthrough achievements of the greenhouse industry in Russia and made it a growth driver in consumption and import substitution in vegetables.

We are dynamic in our change capacity, we have laid a strong foundation for a thriving business, and we have confidence in the future. Our manufacturing facilities—greenhouse complexes and distribution centers—continue to run and export goods despite continued volatility and changes in the global economy. We are expanding our area and manufacturing capacity while fully implementing a significant investment program in accordance with the previously approved plans.

Our competent team makes sure that the company is truly resilient against external factors. Because of the unique characteristics of the sector, manual labor still accounts for a sizeable portion of employment even in times of fast advances in technology. People are our main value, and we work systematically to form a team of professionals and like-minded people, create a comfortable, attractive environment for our employees. Vegetables from Eco-Culture are of the highest quality and taste since they are produced by individuals who truly like their work and give their all into it. This is supported by the professional community as well as our customers who opt for the products we offer. With gold awards from Russian and international shows, our tomatoes, cucumbers, and leaf salads consistently earn the best scores in professional taste contests. Winning awards for "Best Enterprise," "Best Product," "Choice of Retail Networks," and "Innovative Product" in the category of "Products for Healthy Lifestyle" are among our accomplishments.

General operating procedures maintained at our facilities in all regions of presence, comprehensive automation, unification of process operations and quality standards, centralized management ensure reliability and efficiency of all stages of the year-round production cycle.
Maria Bocharova
President, ECO-Culture Agro-Industrial Holding